Dysphagia Training 

Dysphagia Training 

We offer a one-day comprehensive Dysphagia course with simulated practice to help safely care for any patient with Dysphagia.  

Dysphagia is difficulty or discomfort while swallowing, often caused by various factors like neurological disorders or structural issues. Symptoms can include choking, coughing, and weight loss. Proper management is crucial for safe swallowing. Providing a comprehensive course we enable any staff to ensure these clients are kept safe whilst being able to still eat and drink.  

Making this a vital course for any staff or relative involved in supporting anyone with swallowing difficulties.  

What Course Is Needed ?  

3-4 hour Dysphagia Awareness Course 
Suitable for Nurses and Carers responsible for the care of patients with dysphagia who require a deeper understanding to work with other healthcare professionals. This includes practical demonstrations but NOT competencies. 
Dysphagia Refresher Course 
Suitable for individuals who have completed a previous course in the past 2 years, particularly when competencies ARE NOT required. 

About Our Training 

Dysphagia Awareness 

This dysphagia training course aims to teach participants how to properly care for individuals with dysphagia. 
This course is suitable for Nurses and Carers responsible for the care of patients with dysphagia who require an understanding to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. 
The course will firstly look at the common causes of swallowing difficulties and various types of dysphagia. Additionally, it will teach individuals how to recognize the common signs of swallowing difficulties, how to reduce the risk of choking, and when to escalate to a specialist. Moreover, participants will gain knowledge on different food preparations and experience a practical demonstration on preparing drinks and food of varying textures. 
This course can be run at your own venue or at our training centre in Morden, South London.  

Dysphagia Awareness Course Summary  

• Definition of Dysphagia 
• Causes of dysphagia and common swallowing problems 
• The anatomy and physiology of swallowing 
• How to recognise when someone is having difficulty swallowing 
• Reducing risk of choking 
• How to deal someone who is choking 
• Knowing when to escalate and refer to a specialist 
• Privacy, dignity and respect 
• Alternatives to oral feeding 
• Types of diet and textures of food 
• Practical’s in food texture preparation using thickeners 

Dysphagia Refresher Courses  

A shorter refresher course is available for participants who have completed a previous course in the last 2 years. 
This course can be run at your own venue or at our site in Morden, South London.  

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion, participants will have an improved awareness of the common causes of dysphagia. 
Additionally participants will gain a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities when supporting clients suffering from dysphagia and swallowing difficulties. Furthermore, staff will be equipped with the knowledge of when to escalate and refer to a specialist. Therefore they will be able to identify signs of people having difficulties swallowing and the correct actions to take. 

How Many Can Attend Training? 

We will conduct this dysphagia course with a maximum of 12 participants, thereby effectively restricting the class size and therefore ensuring the active involvement of all attendees in the practical aspects of the course. 

Who will Conduct the Training? 

All of our expert clinical tutors are Nurses with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! 

Course Duration 

• 3 hour course 
This course lasts approximately 3 hours. 


Participants will receive certificates of attendance that are valid for a duration of two years. Moreover, individuals who undergo dysphasia competency training will receive a record detailing the simulated competencies they have successfully completed. 


Attendance forms 
Course handouts 
Knowledge tests 
Feedback forms 
The price, maximum delegate count, and certificate issued upon completion will vary depending on the chosen version of the course. To acquire detailed information regarding the most suitable course for your business, please contact us today. 

Our Upcoming Courses 

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Further Dysphagia Course Options  

There is NO accredited dysphagia course available.  
The 3-hour Dysphagia Awareness Course can be taken via a zoom training session for a group of staff. 
All Dysphagia training MUST be face to face.  

What Our Clients Have To Say 

“An excellent course – the staff said how great the trainer was and that they all felt more confident in starting to care for clients with dysphagia with their newly learnt skills.” 

Find out more about our training by calling 07969 205490 

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