Infection Prevention and Control Training 

Infection Prevention and Control Training 

We offer a number Infection Prevention and Control training courses dependent on the level of training required and the type of staff or organisation needing this training.   

These courses will educate all staff on the risks of infection. Additionally, it will teach them basic cross infection and contamination control techniques to prevent the spread of infection
Making this a vital course for any workplace or for any staff working in a healthcare environment.  

 What Course Is Needed ?  

3-4 hour Level 2 IPC Course for Healthcare Staff  
Suitable for nurses, carers allied healthcare staff as mandatory for any healthcare environments.  
3 hour Level 2 IPC Course 
A highly recommnded course covering extensive IPC practices , suitable for any industry or sector. 
2 hr Basic Level 1 IPC Course 
Suitable for any industry for their mandatory course or for carers undertaking the care certificate  
1 hour Refresher Course 
Suitable for any carer, nurse or healthcare practitioner requiring a yearly update  
About Our Training  

Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 /Care Certificate Standard 

Our Level 1 course serves as mandatory training, educating all staff on infection risks. Moreover, it imparts fundamental techniques for cross-infection and contamination control, thus preventing the infection's spread. Additionally, it explores the causes of infection and the importance of having Good Hygiene, hand washing, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and following agreed ways of working to prevent the spread of infection. Furthermore, it meets the Care certificate requirements, specifically addressing Standard 15, and thus becomes an integral component of this induction training. 
Notably, our IPC courses are conducted by practicing and experienced high-dependency nurses. These nurses possess extensive teaching and complex care nursing experience. Furthermore, our Director, who was a lead Clinical Advisor during the COVID pandemic in a neurological rehabilitation hospital working with vulnerable disabled adults, adds a unique perspective to the training. As a result, we can ensure that our courses are taught by experienced practitioners who are well-equipped to deliver the content effectively.his text to edit it. 

Infection Prevention and Control Course Summary 

The meaning and importance of IPC 
Legislation and management of IPC in the UK 
How infection spreads 
Types of Infection -Including MRSA, CDiff and COVID  
Practising IPC 
. Universal precautions 
Use of PPE 
Hand washing, its importance , the techniques and when to wash hands 
Personal health and hygiene, including hand washing techniques 
Waste Disposal Procedures  

Infection Prevention Control Level 2 

Infection prevention and control (IPC) training is essential in various settings, including healthcare facilities, food service industries, schools, and more. It aims to educate individuals on proper practices and procedures to prevent the spread of infections and maintain a safe environment for both employees and the public.  
The training can vary based on the specific industry and context. Importantly it keeps upto date with the latest guidelines and best practices in infection prevention and control. 

Infection Prevention and Control Level 2 Course Summary  

This course will cover the syllabus of the level 1 course and the following extra subjects.  
Making and breaking the chain of infection 
Health care associated infections including Covid – 19 
Keeping a clean working environment. 
Risk assessing your own environment. 
Isolation-when to stay off work.  

Infection Prevention and Control Training for Healthcare Staff 

Infection prevention and control training for healthcare staff is crucial not only to ensure patient safety, but also to maintain a healthy work environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Such training equips healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective infection management and prevention. 
This infection control training course serves the vital purpose of reducing the risk of disease and infection transmission within a care environment. As a result, it's a mandatory requirement for all individuals working within the care industry. 
This course is run regularly as an open course at our training venue in Morden, South London, thereby making it suitable for individuals or smaller groups to book onto. Check out our course dates for avaliabilty. 

Additional Healthcare Course Content  

Types of isolation. 
Clinical Waste Management 
Infection Surveillance and Reporting 
Outbreak Management. 
Needle stick Injuries 
Sharps and Needles 
Deep cleaning procedures  

Learning Outcomes 

After successfully completing the course, learners will gain a deeper understanding and improved awareness of infection control . Additionally by increasing participants adhereance to protocols it lead to a reduction infection rates, improved patient safety. Furthermore it will enhance communication and teamwork among healthcare professionals, while fostering a broader culture of infection prevention in the community. 

How Many Can Attend Training? 

We will conduct this IPC course with a maximum of 12 participants, thereby effectively restricting the class size and therefore ensuring the active involvement of all attendees in the practical aspects of the course

Who will Conduct the Training? 

All of our expert clinical tutors are Nurses with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! 

Course Duration 

We offer 4 versions of this IPC training course 
1-hr refresher course  
2-hr Level 1 or Care Certificate/Mandatory  
3-hr Level 2 for all organisations or sectors.  
3-4 hours course - Level 2 IPC for Healthcare staff 


Participants will receive certificates of attendance that are valid for a duration of two years.  
All of our training can be taken as a course certified by Safe Sure Care or accredited through Protraining UK authorising centre we are affiliated with 


Attendance forms 
Course handouts 
Knowledge tests 
Feedback forms 
The price, maximum delegate count, and certificate issued upon completion will vary depending on the chosen version of the course. To acquire detailed information regarding the most suitable course for your business, please contact us today. 

Our Upcoming Courses 

Check out all Safe-Sure Care's course dates  

Further Infection Prevention and Control Course Options  

Protrainings provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certification.  
All the IPC courses can be taken via Zoom for a group of staff.  
Protrainings uk offer video based IPC course at variety of levels . We are able to provide a discount code for this. Contact Us for more information  

What Our Clients Have To Say 

"The trainer has indept knowledge of the program. I enjoyed every bit of the training. I have gained a lot and broaden my knowledge on infection control and head injury."  
"Reuben Emeni 
5 star Google review 
Very informative training Mandy explained in a manner that made the course interesting definitely recommend this training 
“This was an excellent course with the practical exercise’s being extremely helpful.”  

Find out more about our training by calling 07969 205490 

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