We offer a number of Medication Administration courses dependent on the level of training required and the type of staff needing the training. 

Medication administration courses have paramount importance in ensuring safe and accurate drug delivery as well as effectively helping reduce medication errors, thereby ultimately promoting patient well-being in healthcare settings. 

Making these courses vital for any care staff. 

What Course Is Needed ?  

3-hour Medication Awareness Course (Level 1) 
Suitable for participants who require an introductory training program to provide them with essential knowledge and skills for safely administering medications, such as nursing assistants, medical assistants or caregivers, particularly when competencies ARE NOT required. 
6-hour Medication Management Course (Level 2) 
Suitable for participants who require the knowledge and skills to manage medications within health and social care settings. The 6 hour course allows the undertaking of assessments utilising simulated COMPETENCIES, and provides the time to practice the learned material. 

About Our Training 

Level 1 Medication Awareness Course.  

The Level 1 Medication Administration Course is an introductory training program that equips participants with essential knowledge and skills for safely administering medications. Furthermore, this course is specifically designed for Nurses and Carers. Additionally, the course covers fundamental concepts related to medication administration and places significant emphasis on building a strong foundation for safe and effective practices. 
Furthermore it provides a  comprehensive understanding of the core information required around medications and their proper treatment, prescription, dispensation, and administration. Additionally, it educates staff on the types, routes and methods of administration whilst   emphasizing the significance of staff members having the necessary knowledge to undertake their roles in the safe handling of medication. Moreover, it provides insight into other key aspects such as the law and terminology, fostering a fully-rounded awareness of medication among staff. 
We can run this course at your own venue or at our new training centre in Morden, South London for your Group.  

Medication Awareness Course Summary  

Types of Medication 
Routes and Methods of Administering Medication  
Current Regulations and Legislations  
The 7 "Rights" of Medication Administration  
Documentation used in Medication Administration  
Medication Storage, Handling and Disposing. 
Drug Errors and Safe Avoidance Practices  

Level 2 Medication Management Course  

This level 2 course in Administration of Medication empowers delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills for proficiently managing medications within health and social care settings. Specifically tailored for Nurses and Carers entrusted with the responsibility of dispensing, administering, and overseeing medicines, the course encompasses critical topics such as laws, legislations, and classifications of medications. Additionally, it offers participants the opportunity to refresh their understanding of various routes of administration and engages them in discussions on how to respond effectively when faced with unexpected challenges. 
Importantly, the extended 6-hrly course undertakes assessments utilising simulated competencies, allowing participants plenty of opportunity to consolidate their skills and knowledge. Moreover, this extended timeframe ensures ample practice and reinforcement of the learned material 
This course is run regularly as an open course at our training venue in Morden, South London, thereby making it suitable for individuals or smaller groups to book onto. Check out our course dates for avaliability. 

The Medication Management course summary.   This course will follow the awareness course and in addition:  

Classifications of Medication  
Impact and Absorption of Medications  
Prescribing Methods and Legislations 
Precautions, Contra-indications, Allergies and Dealing with Overdoses  
Supporting Self Administration 
Monitored Dosage Systems  
Recognising & Reporting Changes to the Individual 
Auditing the Medication Process 
Demonstrations and Assessments of all Meth  

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the training, staff will undoubtedly gain an improved awareness of their roles and responsibilities regarding medication administration. Furthermore, they will acquire a greater understanding of the legislation and regulations that govern medication practices within a care setting. Additionally, staff will be able to define and comprehend the significance of the 7 R’s of medication administration in preventing errors. 

How Many Can Attend Training? 

We will conduct this Medication Administration course with a maximum of 12 participants, thereby effectively restricting the class size and therefore ensuring the active involvement of all attendees in the practical aspects of the course. 

Who will Conduct the Training? 

All of our expert clinical tutors, are Nurses with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! 

Course Duration 

Versions we offer for this course. 
3-hour course-The Level 1 Medication Awareness course lasts approximately 3 hours. 
6-hour course-The Level 2 Medication  Course lasts 6 hrs to enable competencies to be completed. 


Participants will receive certificates of attendance that are valid for a duration of two years. Additionally, individuals who undergo medication administration competency training will receive a record detailing the simulated competencies they have successfully completed


Attendance forms 
Course handouts 
Knowledge tests 
Feedback forms 
Competency Tool 
The price, maximum delegate count, and certificate issued upon completion will vary depending on the chosen version of the course. To acquire detailed information regarding the most suitable course for your business, please contact us today. 


The Level 1 Medication Awareness course includes practical demonstrations of and participation in the various methods and routes of administration ONLY.  
The Level 2 Medication Management course includes simulated competencies in all routes and methods of administering medication 

Please note: Safe-Sure Care Ltd advices conducting further assessments with your own clients before staff can be considered fully competent in administering medication. All medication competencies are simulated it is therefore strongly suggested to follow this advice, as the company assumes no responsibility if it is disregarded 


Our Upcoming Courses 

Check out all Safe-Sure Care's course dates  

Further Medication Administration Course Options  

The Medication Course can be taken as a CPD Accredited course using our Protraining centre.  
The 3-hr Level 1 Medication Awareness Course can be taken via a zoom training session for a group of staff.  
Protrainings uk offer a video based Medication AWARENESS LEVEL 1 and Level 2 (VTQ) course. This will not include practical demonstrations or competency assessments. We have a discount code for these courses contact us for details.  

What Our Clients Have To Say 

"This course was very extensive and it was great to practice all the techniques. It gave me confidence in my new skills." 

Find out more about our training by calling 07969 205490 

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