Diabetes Training 

Diabetes Training 

We offer a number of DIABETES and Insulin Administration training courses dependent on the level of training required and the type of staff needing the DIABETIC training.  Significantly, since 2017 "Non-Registered" care staff have been allowed to administer subcutaneous insulin, consequently we provide both an awareness course and  an extended course when simulated competencies are required.   So whether it's an awareness course or a management course with insulin administration  we have the right course for you.  


What Course Is Needed ? 

3-hour Diabetes Awareness Course 
Suitable for any carer, nurse or family member looking after any client with diabetes, particularly when competencies ARE NOT required. 
6-hour Diabetes Management with Insulin Administration Course 
Suitable for nurses and carers requiring a deeper understanding of diabetes, in particular to gain the ability to administer insulin, particularly when COMPETENCIES are required. 
4-hour Diabetes Awareness with Blood Glucose Competency 
A diabetes awareness course with the addition of completion of simulated blood glucose COMPETENCIES.  

About Our Diabetes Training  

Diabetes Awareness 

This course is suitable for any Carer, Nurse or family member working for or looking after any patient with diabetes. It provides an overview of the types of diabetes, including information on the signs and symptoms. Moreover, it explains how to recognize the types of diabetic shock and how to deal with an emergency. Additionally, the courses covers various types of treatment, and can also include valuable insights on insulin administration and blood glucose monitoring as required. 
Importantly, our diabetes courses are delivered by practising and experienced high-dependency nurses with many years of teaching and complex care nursing experience. Consequently, this approach ensures that we provide you with the right experienced practitioner to teach this course. 
We can run this course at your own venue, via Zoom or at our new training centre in Morden, South London for your group.  

Diabetes Awareness Course Summary  

Types of Diabetes-Concentrating on type 1 and type 2.  
Why Diabetes Occurs-An overview of the disease process.  
Recognising Diabetes-The signs and symptoms.  
Treatments for Diabetes-An overview of treatments, care and preventative measures.  
Blood Glucose Monitoring-Practical demonstrations.  
Complications of Diabetes-Short term and long term complications, including emergency/life threatening complications.  
Medical Emergencies-Recognising hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia and ketoacidosis and actions to take.  
How to Prevent Long Term Complications-Including personal care, hygiene foot care and dietary advice.  
Please note an extension to this course can be made to include simulated competencies for blood glucose monitoring.  

Diabetes Management with Insulin Adminstration  

This course is suitable for Nurses and Carers responsible for the care of patients with diabetes who require a deeper understanding to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. It encompasses all the different types of diabetes, relevant anatomy and physiology, as well as the disease process. Moreover, it addresses the signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of diabetes, including how to identify and manage different types of diabetic shock and medical emergencies. Additionally, the course covers various treatment options, medications, and types of insulin, including their respective action times. By providing this comprehensive knowledge, participants will be equipped to effectively manage patients with diabetes and additionally administer insulin. 
This course is run regularly as an open course at our training venue in Morden, South London, thereby making it suitable for individuals or smaller groups to book onto. Check out our course dates for availability. 

The Diabetes Management course additional content:  

The first part of this course will cover the awareness course content. Additionally, it incorporates: 
More extensive anatomy and physiology related to diabetes. 
The disease process -How the liver and pancreas works in blood glucose control.  
Information on all types of diabetes.  
The types of insulin, their actions and reaction times. 
Safe administration of insulin including decisions on omitting insulin. Simulated insulin administration competencies will be conducted.  
Management, treatment and monitoring of diabetes-More extensive testing for longer term management. 
Management, treatment and prevention of emergency situations. Covering Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia and Ketoacidosis.  
Blood testing including blood glucose monitoring and regular blood tests for diabetics -Simulated blood glucose competencies are conducted.  

Learning Outcomes 

On completion, participants will be able to demonstrate an improved awareness and understanding of diabetes. Moreover, they will be able to understand the effects diabetes can have on the body. Most importantly, they will learn how to recognize signs of a diabetic shock and what to do in case of an emergency. And additionally, participants will have gained an overview of the types of treatment and care required for diabetic clients. 

How Many Can Attend Training? 

This diabetes course has a maximum of 12 participants, thereby effectively restricting the class size to ensure the active involvement of all attendees in the practical aspects of the course. 

Who will Conduct the Training?  All of our expert clinical tutors are Nurses with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands!  

Course Duration 

Versions we offer for this course. 
3-hour course: The Diabetes Awareness course lasts approximately 3-hours.  
6-hour course: The Diabetes Management and Treatment course lasts 6-hours. 
A 4-hour course is available if in addition to the practical demonstrations a blood glucose competency is required.  


Participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance valid for a period of 2 years. 
A SIMULATED competency tool and records will be provided dependent on the competencies required .  


Attendance forms 
Course handouts 
Knowledge tests 
Feedback forms 
Competency tools as applicable  
The price, maximum delegate count, and certificate issued upon completion will vary depending on the chosen version of the course. To acquire detailed information regarding the most suitable course for your business, please contact us today. 


The Diabetes Awareness course includes practical demonstrations and participation of blood glucose monitoring ONLY.  
An upgrade can be made to include simulated blood glucose competencies a 4 four hour course is required for this extension.  
The Diabetes Management course includes simulated competencies for blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration using a pen-jet.  
Competencies for insulin injection using insulin syringes and ampules for Qualified Nurses are available. Please discuss this with the training company if you require this. 

Important note. Further supervised competencies will be required in the clinical environment for Non-Registered care staff to be deemed "fully competent". This is inline with the NICE guidelines and the Diabetes UK stipulations for delegation of this procedure to Non-Registered staff. THERE MUST BE A REGISTERED NURSE RESPONSIBLE FOR DELEGATING THE TASK. Please check the link below for further details.   


Our Upcoming Courses 

Check out all Safe-Sure Care's course dates  

Further Diabetes Course Options  

The diabetes course can be taken as a CPD Accredited course using our Protraining centre. Please state this requirement when enquiring: 
The 3-hr Diabetes Awareness Course can be taken via a zoom training session for a group of staff.  
Protrainings uk offer a video based DIABETES AWARENESS LEVEL 2 (VTQ) course. We are able to provide a discount code for this. Contact us for more information.  

What Our Clients Have To Say 

"The trainer has in depth knowledge of the program. I enjoyed every bit of the training. I have gained a lot and broaden my knowledge on diabetes and insulin adminstration."  
Dominique Huddlestone 
5 star google review 
"Fantastic trainer with great knowledge in diabetes and insulin management. Practicals were a great experience to demonstrate knowledge learnt." 
“This was an excellent course with the practical exercise’s being extremely helpful.”  

Find out more about our training by calling 07969 205490 

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