Care Training

Is your mandatory training behind schedule or are you looking for training that will help your organisation reach that all important OUTSTANDING rating.

Whatever you’re needs Safe-Sure Care Ltd has the answer for your training.

Safe-Sure Care is an independent Clinical Care and Safety Training provider delivering onsite and open Clinical and Care Training, Health and Social Care Training, Health and Safety Training and Accredited and Regulated First Aid Courses.

The Managing Director is a Registered Nurse with 30 years clinical experience and has worked in a number of teaching hospitals as a Nurse, Manager and Clinical Facilitator and has taught on a wide variety of hospital inductions and training courses, and at Kings College University London. Her background is in High Dependency Neurosurgical and Spinal nursing making her an expert in complex care and as such is able to lead on the provision and design of up to date, relevant and interesting training courses.

We are with our expertise in High Dependency Nursing able to delivery complex care in any Nursing Home or client’s own home to standards that will enable staff to provide “OUTSTANDING” Care

All our trainers are experienced Health Care Professionals with active competencies in the areas they train in guaranteeing our training is up to date and fit for purpose.

We are about “creating safe people to create safe high standard care”

“It was one of the most interesting teaching sessions I have ever attended. Mandy made the session enjoyable and relevant to my practice. She took plenty of time to show me the skills I needed, and she gave me confidence to apply and use these new skills.”

Medications training is required in many sectors including the care industry to ensure that all staff have a basic understanding of the important rules when handling medications. The course is essential for nurses and support workers who need to safely handle and administer medication on a daily basis.

This catheter care training course is suitable for care staff or relatives who are responsible to care for individuals who have an indwelling catheter.

This course will teach delegates how to safely insert and change catheters both male and female patients. The course is suitable for nurses and advanced carers. We offer 3 hour and 6 hour version of this course – please enquire to find out which is best for you.

Brain Injury can be a hidden injury which can be greatly misunderstood. This course is vital for anyone caring for any individual with a head injury, whether a professional Carer or family member.

This Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) course will explore how the brain works and the part it plays in everyday functioning of the body. It covers the effects of a head injury and looks at the damage that can occur to the brain. helping learners to understand the impact that brain injury can have on an individual.

This course is provided by Safe-Sure Care Ltd through the authorising centre Protrainings uk.

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Learn more about concussion and brain injury

The diabetes training courses are suitable for those who are responsible for or working with people with diabetes. A number of courses are available dependent on the level of training required that covers the types of diabetes, their management blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration as required.

This course will teach participants about dysphagia and aims to raise awareness and knowledge of dysphagia and common swallowing problems.

This Epilepsy Training course provides information and an overview about epilepsy. It will provide guidance and information on how to support someone suffering from epilepsy and how to help someone having a seizure including the use of rescue medication.

This course is a necessity for all care workers, as falls in a residential or nursing home can lead to death immediately or within a year of a fall . It covers the theoretical aspects relating to falls awareness and prevention and a practical session in which staff will assess hazards in their own care environment to help them reduce the risks.

Infection control is a mandatory course for any health care staff. It is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE, NHS and medical professionals and will provide an introduction to the types of infection and preventative measures required for any member of staff. It will meet the requirements for infection control as part of any induction program or a more indepth course for managers or infection control link staff.

This PEG(Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) care and feeding course will educate and familiarise learners with the methods and reason of PEG feeding and the care of a PEG tube. It is an important course for any staff or family carer’s who come into contact regularly with clients who utilise a PEG tube.

These training courses aim to improve knowledge and awareness about the care required by an individual who has suffered a spinal cord injury. There are two levels of courses they will both educate staff to the important complication of autonomic dysreflexia, it causes, consequences and its preventative, measures The spinal care management course will then provide extra knowledge and information on, skin, respiratory and nutritional care, and psychological care and support networks.

This tracheostomy care training course is suitable for any staff or Carer’s who have a responsibility for individuals who have a tracheostomy. It will provide an overview of the tracheostomy care and ensure participants have sufficient knowledge to work safely with these clients.