Mandatory Training

Every employee deserves a high quality induction and every employer should provide this not only to comply with legal requirements of HSE but to ensure their staff are kept safe and in the care industry provide safe care.

Safe-Sure Care trainers not only have extensive safety and health care experience but their Director is an experienced Nurse Manager with NEBOSH certification and an extensive portfolio of training and mentoring experience.

Safe-Sure Care can provide a full program of mandatory training for inductions or ongoing yearly mandatory training with a combination of subjects to suit any industry.

Combined Induction

Any 4 or 5 mandatory sessions can be combined together to create a 4 or 6 hourly mandatory induction day. Please check out the individual mandatory course for information on the 1 hr course for each subject. Contact Safe-Sure Care for information and to prepare your individual course.


Use of chemicals and substances cannot be avoided in workplaces but their hazards can be controlled if staff have the correct training.

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Fire Safety

Fires ruins lives, it can kill people and destroy a business. They can be prevented and people can get out of a fire safely if trained.

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Health and Safety

Accidents and injuries at work do happen. It impacts people’s lives and can have detrimental effects on your business. Through a short mandatory course your staff can be educated to assess hazards and risks and to implement the control measures to keep patients, colleagues and themselves safe.

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Infection Control

Infection control is a mandatory course for any health care staff. It is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE, NHS and medical professionals and will provide an introduction to the types of infection and preventative measures required for any member of staff.

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Risk Assessment Awareness

All staff should have Mandatory Health and Safety training as part of their induction. By including a further introduction to Risk Assessing will enable your staff to assess the hazards and risks in their workplace, thereby helping them avoid accidents.

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This list of mandatory courses is not exclusive if you have any further induction subjects required please contact Safe-Sure Care to discuss.