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This training is provided by the organisation Protrainings UK. All their courses are engaging and teaches exactly what you or your staff need to know . There are over 150+ courses available.

All students who complete ProTrainings online courses, will have up to 8 months free access to ONLINE VIDEOS where they can reinforce what was taught in the classroom.

All online, classroom and blended qualifications are CPD certified. This means each student can download a CPD credit-time statement where it discloses CPD hours.

Infection control is an important subject in many work places and is mandatory for any health care staff. It is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE, NHS and medical professionals and will provide an introduction to the types of infection and preventative measures required for any member of staff. It will meet the requirements for infection control as part of any induction program or a more in depth course for managers or infection control link staff.

Protraining uk now offer a number of courses on line as well as a FREE course for COVID 19 awareness for anybody.

Basic Infection Control:

Improve Your Basic Infection Control Skills and aid yourself and others in the fight against harmful infections.

COVID-19 Free Course:

A important free course to help your staff understand where Coronavirus came from and to understand the protective measures needed by the general public and for staff in health care settings.

Understand more about Coronavirus COVID-19 and how to prevent transmission

Infection Control for Health Care Level 2:

Improve Your Infection Control Skills and aid yourself and others in the fight against harmful infections.

Fires ruins lives, it can kill people and destroy a business. They can be prevented and people can get out of a fire safely if trained.

Protrainings uk now offer this course as an on line video course.

Fire Safety:

Video/On line Training through Protrainings UK

Fires can be absolutely devastating to a workplace, so learn how to prevent and respond to Fire Emergencies.

Accidents and injuries at work do happen. It impacts people’s lives and can have detrimental effects on your business.

Protrainings uk provide a variety of courses that can train your staff and create a safe workforce, thereby reducing the risk of harm and prevent the devastating effect accidents have.

They offer a number of levels of this course:

Care Certificate Standard 13 Health and Safety:

The Care Certificate is a 13 module theory and practical course for any unqualified care staff, suitable for anyone wanting to develop a career in the care sector.

Study online for the knowledge units of the Care Certificate Standard 13 “Health and Safety”.  This short course covers all you need to learn to complete this knowledge unit.  You then complete the practical units in your workplace.

The Thirteenth Standard of The Care Certificate schools you on the ways of keeping service-users safe in their home.

COSHH Level 2:

Use of chemicals and substances cannot be avoided in workplaces but their hazards can be controlled if staff have the correct training.

Learn About the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and how they affect your workplace.

Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 1:

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in health and safety awareness .It covers regulations, precautions, planning, risk assessing, PPE, what causes accidents, employer/employee responsibilities, RIDDOR, COSHH, first aid, workstation/VDU safety, working at heights, gas safety, occupational health, infection control, electricity, enforcement and the dangers and links in the regulations in fire and manual handling.

Gain Awareness of Regulations, Accident Prevention & Procedures to keep Your Workplace as Safe as Possible.

Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2:

This course is more in depth than level 1 and is suitable for anyone who is required to plan and manage Health and Safety for their employees.

Take your Health and Safety Training to the next level and learn how to keep everyone more safe in your workplace.

Healthcare Health & Safety Training:

This course is designed to meet the increasing need for healthcare workers It covers all the subjects of the Health and Safety in the Workplace course as well as the more specific Healthcare related aspects of dealing with bodily fluids, handling sharps and principals of handling people.

Take your Health and Safety Training to the next level and learn how to stay safe when working in healthcare.

Healthcare Health and Safety Level 2:

This course is suitable for anyone who has the responsibility in managing Health and Safety in a Healthcare setting to ensure compliance.

Take your Health and Safety Training to the next level and learn how to stay safe when working in healthcare.

RIDDOR Level 2:

All business have to report accidents if serious or cause staff to be off sic for seven or more days .

This basic course teaches how businesses need to plan and follow the rules of the HSE in respect of accident reporting and notification to the HSE.

Learn how The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 apply to your workplace.

Risk Assessment Level 2:

Accidents and injuries at work do happen. It impacts people’s lives and can have detrimental effects on your business.

By assessing risks, you identify the hazards and create control measures to prevent these accidents occurring. Protrainings uk now provide an online course to enable staff, supervisor or managers to gain the skills required to help make any environment as safe as possible.

Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to allow you to perform Risk Assessments in your workplace.

Medications training is required in the care industry to ensure that all staff have a basic understanding of handling medications and can administer these safely. These medications includes the routine administration of medicines as well as administration of emergency medication for epileptic seizures or allergic reactions or those medications for specific health conditions. Protrainings provide a wide variety of essential courses suitable for any Carer or Nurses who has this responsibility, with further courses covering specific medical conditions which can be found in the First Aid and Care section of these pages.

Anaphylaxis Awareness Level 2:

This course provides an awareness of Anpahylaxis , it covers the use of Epi-Pens, Emerade and Jext as well as recognition of signs, treatment, and the care for the patient.

Understand more about Anaphylaxis, how to recognise an Anaphylactic Attack and what you should do.

Medication Awareness:

This training sessions provides staff an awareness of medication administration. It covers the core information required around medications, including how they should be treated, prescribed, stored, dispensed and administered. It will cover the information required for staff to undertake their role in the safe handling of medication once they have undertaken a practical competency assessment.

Learn the necessary techniques of the storing, handling, and disposing of medications in the care sector.

Oxygen Adminstration:

This course covers the basics of how to deliver oxygen in first aid emergencies. Through it you will learn the basics of how to assemble, use and disassemble an oxygen kit. It covers the use of bag valve masks (BVM) to deliver breaths without direct mouth contact with or without use of 100% oxygen and the use of oxygen saturation to monitor the causalities condition.

Learn all about why oxygen is so vital to humans and how and when you should administer Medical Oxygen in Emergencies.

Through these protraining uk videos, Safe-Sure Care Ltd can offer a wide variety of subjects from communication skills, the care certificate or more condition based subjects such as diabetes awareness or nebuliser therapy. These videos will give you the theory of these subject as well as some demonstrations of any equipment as required.

Care Certificate:

This Care Certificate course covers the knowledge-based units and includes 15 standards and recommendations set out by the Health Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health and is designed for all new employees.

ProTrainings is Skills for Care Endorsed (full funding available)

Complete all of the 15 Care Certificate Standards Knowledge Units and become the best carer you can be.

Care Volunteering during Coronavirus:

A fully funded introduction to care produced by Skills for Care to help give an induction to new staff and volunteers during this pandemic.

Fully funded virtual training course available to new care volunteers during the Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak

Common Induction Standards for Care:

An excellent induction provides the grounding for all good working practice. Face to face training is the ideal way to provide this but in this present climate that may not be possible so ProTrainings uk have created this video based course covering the eight standards using informative videos, and, when used with in-work training and experience, you can easily meet these standards.

Understand the different standards regarding the induction of new staff members into the workplace within the care sector.

Communication in Care Level 1:

Good communication is paramount for good team work and excellent care. This course develops your knowledge and understanding about individuals and the part played by other workers so that the best care and support possible can be provided.
This course meets Standard 6 of the Care Certificate for the knowledge learning outcomes.

Learn about both the importance and different styles of communication in the care sector.

Dementia Awareness Level 2:

Dementia and understanding sufferers needs are very important. This course aims to give a wider understanding about Dementia, signs and symptoms, causes and treatment, and how to communicate to dementia patients and engage them in activities and develop strategies for intervening with challenging behaviours and communication difficulties. 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to providing care for people with Dementia.

Diabetes Awareness:

The Diabetes Awareness course is suitable for any Carer/Nurse/Family Member working for or looking after any patient with diabetes. It covers an overview of the types of diabetes, the signs and symptoms of diabetes and how to recognise the types of diabetic shock and how to deal with an emergency.

Understand more about Diabetes, the different Types and what it is like to live with this condition.

Equality and Diversity:

ln the care sector we should be promoting and championing equality,diversity and human rights as a defining value of society. This ProTrainings course covers the key aspects of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that employees and employers understand their responsibilities at work and in creating this defining value in our facilities for our residents

Become a champion of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, helping proper inclusion.

Don’t forget that if you need simulated assessments of your staff competencies in some of these subjects check out the face to face teaching and assessment courses.

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This course covers some of the most important first aid skills, including recovery position, CPR, choking, bleeding, shock, burns and more. It is suitable for those not requiring HSE compliance but still want an understanding of First Aid, making it a suitable course for e-Learning.

Basic First Aid:

Learn the basic principles of First Aid and the most essential things you can do to keep people in need alive.

Basic Life Support:

This course covers Basic Life Support skills for Adult, Child and Infant as well as healthcare variations on infant CPR. This is suitable for anyone wanting to learn BLS skills as well as ideal for nurses, care workers or medical professionals needing annual updates to complete professional membership.

Learn the Essentials of Basic Life Support to save a life. Ideal for many industries and for anyone wanting the basics of CPR.

CPR/BLS for Healthcare Professionals:

Care and Medical professionals with a duty to respond in an emergency are required to complete annual BLS training. This course covers basic life support skills and includes skills for adults, children, and infants as well as healthcare variations on infant CPR. This course complies with the latest 2015 ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines and is aimed at Healthcare Professionals with a duty to respond.

Learn the Essentials of Basic Life Support required to save a life. This course is tailored to those working in the care sector.

Please note that Medical/Nurses/Care professionals and other staff may require an assessment of their skills to be deemed fully competent and to comply with their own professional body requirements. These skills assessments can be arranged by contacting Safe-Sure Care Ltd.

Emergency First Aid:

A one day First Aid course which covers Basic Life Support, use of an Automated External Defibrillator, accident procedures and strategy to allow candidates to deal with accidents and illnesses in a low risk workplace. There is now the option to complete this as a blended course, with 2 hours of online training followed by 4 hours in the classroom.

Learn the Essentials of First Aid for Your Workplace and prepare yourself to deal with Workplace Emergencies.


There are a number of Paediatric First Aid Courses that covers Basic Life Support for Babies, Children and Adults.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid is a 1 day course which is suitable for any individual looking after a baby or child.

Go in-depth into the Essentials of First Aid for Children and be ready for Emergencies.

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2 day Paediatric First Aid course, which covers more extensive accidents and illness for babies and children. This can be accredited through an authorising body, which is a necessity for any organisation that is OFSTED regulated or regulated through

This Level 3 Regulated Course covers Paediatric First Aid, allowing you to provide the best care for children in Emergencies.

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Courses are now available as blended courses please check out this link for further details

There has been much sadly in the press over the recent years regarding abuse or neglect in care facilities. It is upsetting and certainly not acceptable. To protect our vulnerable in society from those few individuals new legislation and training has been introduced to prevent, combat such actions and to protect people in care homes and hospitals. Protrainings and Safe-Sure Care Ltd, provide a number of courses to provide all staff an understanding of the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty and Safeguarding practices. These courses aim to educate staff on what constitutes abuse and their responsibilities on reporting and preventing any abuse.

Deprivation of Liberty:

Learn about Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) in care, and how it will affect your work.

Mental Capacity Act:

Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act of 2005 (MCA). This course is especially useful for those working in the care sector.

Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults:

Understanding and Responding to Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA).

This is not an exclusive list contact Safe-Sure Care ltd for details of over 200 + training courses.

Safe-Sure Care Training Ltd is the training branch of Safe-Sure Care Ltd and is a Franchise of ATH Training Ltd .