Tracheostomy Training


This course will teach participants how to care for an individual with a tracheostomy. It aims to familiarise participants with the types of tubes, the reasons for tracheostomy and the care and management of the site and tube. It covers suctioning techniques and dealing with emergency situations making it a vital course for any staff caring for service users who have a tracheostomy as it will make sure they have the knowledge and skills to work with an individual with a tracheostomy safely and effectively.

The course is theoretical and practical, we will bring our own manikin and suction machine with us for participants to practice the skills.

“An excellent course – the staff said how great the trainer was and that they all felt more confident in starting to caring for clients with a tracheostomy with their new learnt skills.”

Tracheostomy Training Course Summary

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Different types of tracheostomy
  • Indications for tracheostomy
  • Complications of tracheostomy
  • Changing dressings and keeping the area clean
  • Fitting, managing and changing an inner cannula tube
  • Suctioning a patient with a tracheostomy
  • Communication and care of a patient with a tracheostomy tube
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Full tube change procedure
  • Emergency tracheostomy management (resus) procedure and guidelines
  • Practical session using mannequin & suction machine

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion learners will have a better understanding and awareness of tracheostomy tubes. They will be able to prevent and manage complications and know what action to take in an emergency.

The practical sessions will give participants the confidence to perform their new skills so reducing the risks to their clients.

The practical skills can include changing of the tracheostomy tube, but participants need to check whether they are covered under their own policies to undertake this skill.

How Many can Attend Training?

We will run this course for a maximum of 12 participants. This class size is limited to allow all participants to take part in the practical aspects of the course.

Who will Conduct the Training?

All of our expert clinical tutors, are Nurses with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands!

Course Duration

Please Note:
We offer 2 versions of this tracheostomy training course

  • 3-4 hours course
    Half day refresher
  • 6 hour course
    Full day with simulation

Depending on which version of the course is chosen it will alter the price, max delegate count and the certificate issued on completion. For more information on which course is best suited to your business, get in contact today.


Participants will be issued with certificates of attendance valid for a period of 2 years. Those undertaking a competency will be given a record of simulated competencies completed.

Please note:
All competencies are only simulated Safe-Sure Care Ltd advocate that further supervisions should be conducted with your own clients prior to participants being deemed fully competent. The company takes no responsibility if this advice is not taken.