Staff Mentorship and Development Services

Is your supervision and mentoring systems falling below the required CQC standards?

Are their Nurses or Care Staff that would value additional mentoring and the management teams lack the resources to provide this?

Do you have staff that require clinical competencies signing off, but you lack a competent assessor to complete these?

Safe-Sure Care have Consultants who are clinical experts in their fields and who have many years’ experience in mentoring, training and supervising all levels of staff. Our Director is an experience Nurse Manager with experience as a Clinical Facilitator who has developed an extensive package of competency tools for complex care procedures and basic nursing care. With this team of experts Safe-Sure Care can offer a variety of services:

  • Competencies sign off in the many training subject they provide. (e.g. Tracheostomy care, PEG care and catheterisation. For a full list of subjects check out our training pages)
  • Individual supervisions.
  • Supervisions for a variety of clinical subjects’ medication management and individual training.
  • Appraisal preparation.
  • NMC revalidation support.
  • Internal Quality Assessments for trainers.