Diabetes Training


We offer a number of Diabetes courses dependent on the level of training required and the type of staff needing the training.

The Diabetes Awareness course is suitable for any Carer/Nurse/Family Member working for or looking after any patient with diabetes. It covers an overview of the types of diabetes, the signs and symptoms of diabetes and how to recognise the types of diabetic shock and how to deal with an emergency. It will cover types of treatment and can cover insulin administration and blood glucose monitoring as required.

Diabetes Management and Treatment is suitable for Nurses looking after any patient with diabetes who needs a more in depth knowledge to liaise with other care professionals. It covers the types of diabetes, the related anatomy and physiology and the disease process, the signs and symptoms of diabetes and how to recognise and diagnoses the types of diabetic shock and how to deal with an emergency. It will cover types of treatment, medication and the types of insulin including their action times to allow participants to manage the insulin administration effectively.

The 3 and 4 hour courses will provide a demonstration and an opportunity to practice blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration. To gain simulated competencies a 6 hour course is required.

These diabetes courses aim to improve delegates knowledge and understanding of diabetes. A vital course for any staff members working with those with diabetes.

“The course was very useful to go into more depth about the insulin reaction times gave me a better understanding of safer insulin administration.”

Diabetes Training Course Summary

  • What is diabetes?
  • Types of diabetes
  • Recognising diabetes
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • The different types of diabetes medication
  • How we manage diabetes in vulnerable people
  • Health and foot care
  • High risk conditions
  • The difference between hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia

The extended course will cover

  • The anatomy and physiology related to diabetes
  • The disease process
  • Diagnostic methods for diabetes
  • The types of insulin, their actions and reaction times
  • Safe administration of insulin including decisions on omitting insulin safely
  • Management and treatments of diabetes
  • Management of unwell diabetic patients
  • Management, treatment and prevention of emergency situations

These courses can be upgraded to include simulated insulin administration and blood glucose monitoring, enquire today if you wish to make this upgrade.

Please note:
Further supervised competencies will be required in the clinical environment to b edeemed fully competent.

Learning Outcomes

On completion participants will be able to demonstrate an improved awareness and understanding of diabetes.

Participants will understand the effects diabetes can have on the body, how to recognise signs of a diabetic shock and what do to in case of an emergency.

Participants will have gained an overview of types of treatment and care required for diabetic clients.

How Many can Attend Training?

We will run this course for a maximum of 12 participants. This class size is limited to allow all participants to take part in the practical aspects of the course.

Who will Conduct the Training?

Our expert  clinical tutors,  are Nurses with years of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge and are qualified assessors capable of assessing your staff’s skills. 

Course Duration

Please Note:
Versions we offer for this course.

  • 3 hour course
    The Diabetes Awareness course lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • 4 hours course
    The Diabetes Management and Treatment course last 4 hours
  • 6 hour course
    The upgrade to include simulated competencies is a minimum of 6 hours

Depending on which version of the course is chosen it will alter the price, max participant count and the certificate issued on completion. For more information on which course is best suited to your business, please complete the enquiry form.


Participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance valid for a period of 2 years.

A competency record will be provided for the upgrade course.