This catheterisation training course is aimed at and is suitable for Nurses, Senior Carer’s and other Health Care practitioners whose job role includes catheterisation of male and female clients. 

The training will familiarise delegates with catheterisation, the procedures, the reasons and the complications of catheterisation and the care, treatment and management of clients with catheters.

It includes practical sessions for male, female and suprapubic patients, with a number of manikins provided to allow amble opportunity for all participants to take part in the practical’s.

“This was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended it gave so much opportunity to practice the skills.”

Catheterisation Training Course Summary

  • Types and  methods of catheterisation
  • Advantages/disadvantages of urinary catheters
  • Reasons for catheterisation
  • Male/female anatomy and physiology
  • Aseptic technique
  • Male urethral catheterisation procedure (theory & practical session)
  • Female urethral catheterisation procedure (theory & practical session)
  • Suprapubic catheterisation procedure (if requested)
  • Post procedure check list
  • Record keeping
  • When to seek medical advice

Learning Outcomes

On completion participants will have an improved awareness of, ability to care for and to confidently change any male, female and suprapubic catheters.  

Participants will understand how to reduce the risk of infections and perform the catheterisation procedure using aseptic technique.

Participants will gain the knowledge to solve problems with catheters and catheterisation procedures and will learn when to seek medical advice.

How Many can Attend Training?

We will run this course for a maximum of 12 participants. This class size is limited to allow all participants to take part in the practical aspects of the course.

Who will Conduct the Training?

All of our expert clinical tutors, are Nurses with many years of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge and are qualified assessors capable of assessing your staff’s skills. 

Course Duration

Please Note:
We offer 3 versions of this course.The full day 6 hour course is required for simulated competencies to be achieved .

  • 6 hour course
    with simulated competencies
  • 3 hour course
    with demonstration only - no simulated competency
  • 3 hour refresher course
    Participants MUST have attended a previous course as this is a refresher. Includes opportunities to practice skills but not simulated competencies

Depending on which version of the course is chosen it will alter the price, max participant count and the certificate issued on completion. For more information on which course is best suited to your business, get in contact today.


The certificate issued depends on which course is attended.

Please note:
The competencies are simulated competencies and participants MUST gain further supervised competency sign offs in their own clinical environments before being deemed competent to practice. Each participant is responsible for checking how many supervised practice they are required to do in accordance with their own policies. The recommendation is 3 supervised practices. The company holds no responsibility if these conditions are not followed.